True Life Church of God (formally Wyandanch Church of God) got started from a back yard barbeque on July 28, 1992 at the home of Lister and Jennifer Williams – 24 Portland Way, Wheatley Heights, New York. There were a few members of the Church of God organization living in the Wyandanch and Wheatley Heights area of New York who occasionally worshipped at the Bronxwood International Church of God, Bronx, New York, with the late Rev. Dr. A. G. Quarrie serving as Senior Pastor.

Worship and fellowship in the Bronx became challenging due to the travel distance, and at the end of the Barbeque Bishop Quarrie called the group together and shared his vision to start a church in the area. The work was launched as a mission project of Bronxwood International Church of God. The first prayer meeting was held on a Wednesday in August 1992. The first Sunday service was held at State Avenue and the sermon was delivered by Rev. Isaac Arku.

The early beginning of the church was a very challenging one. Between August 1992 and February 1995 the mission moved to four different locations (State Ave, Straight Path, and trailer in Wyandanch square and Irving Ave). There were much stress on the mission, but the group was resilient in their fath and desire to remain a worshipping community. On November 28, 1995 the mission was officially organized as a parish of Church of God, Cleveland, Tennesee with twelve members. Rev. Byron Lambert was installed as the first resident pastor, and Bishop Quarrie the District Overseer. Rev Lambert served for one year.

In January 1997 the church purchased its first property at 21 Hickory Street, Wyandanch New York. The State Overseer was Bishop Joseph Mirkovich, and on January 26, 1997 he appinted Bishop Hixford Allen as the new Pastor. The congregation grew under the leadership of Bishop Allen, and soon after arose a need for a larger place of worship .

The building at 21 Hickory Street was sold and our present location at 1477 Straight Path was purchased on June 5, 2003.  The first service at this facility was on June 28, 2003. Renovations were done and on July 24, 2004 the building was dedicated as a place of worship and the name “True Life Church of God” was adopted.

In May of 2007, True Life Church of God gave birth to New Life Worship Center Church of God, at the vision of Bishop Raymond Rose, who was serving as Youth Pastor, and his wife Rev. Barbara Rose who served as church clerk since the church’s inception.

Under the leadership of Bishop Allen and with the guidance of the Holy Ghost, the church grew and multiplied. He served as Senior Pastor for almost 24 years. In september of 2020 Senior Pastor of the Bronxwood International Church of God in the Bronx. On October 1, 2020 Bishop Richard Queensborough was appointed Senior Pastor of True Life Church of God.

(our church history continues, and for a more detailed report of our history please contact us)