Bishop Hixford Allen was born in Manchester, Jamaica West Indies. He made a personal commitment of his life to the Lord Jesus in June of 1980, and has been passionately and faithfully engaged in Christian service very early thereafter. Bishop Allen holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in theological studies from Jamaica Theological Seminary in Kingston, Jamaica; a Master of Arts degree in counseling psychology from Caribbean Graduate School of Theology, Kingston, Jamaica; and a Doctor of Ministry degree from the Pentecostal Theological Seminary in Cleveland, Tennessee.
Bishop Allen has been engaged in pastoral ministry since January 1987. Over the period, he has pastored three congregations; two in Jamaica, West Indies, and his present pastorate at True Life Church of God in Wyandanch, New York. While serving as pastor in Jamaica, Bishop Allen also serves as guest speaker and Bible teacher, at the New testament Church of God yearly youth camps; lecturer and dean at Bethel Bible College, Kingston Campus; and as Teacher/Guidance Counselor at Jamaica College High School, Kingston Jamaica.   Bishop Allen immigrated to the United States in August 1996, and after a short stay at the Eastchester Church of God, Bronx, New York he assumed his present pastoral assignment at True Life Church of God in January 1997 and District Overseer for the New York Church of God District 24 in September 2005.

Under Bishop Allen’s leadership the True Life Church of God has experienced steady growth numerically, spiritually, and in the physical facilities of our hire a writer for an essay church. Over the period our church has also being instrumental in starting three new congregations. In addition to his pastoral ministry, Bishop Allen presently serves as proctor/lecturer at the Athanasius School of Ministry in Bronx, New York and facilitator/leader for the New York Church of God pastoral covenant group. He is a past member of the New York Church of God state council, and a past member of the Examination Board for the Licensing of Ministers. Bishop Allen’s strength lies in his God given ability to preach and teach the word of God, and to mentor and coach young ministers and prospects for ministry. His goal for our church is to make the church more missional oriented. To this end his focus is on developing our discipleship program with a view of making disciples who are internally motivated to serve the Lord and the church, able to feed themselves and others, and who are able to use their gifts to effectively participate in the Great Commission and in the mission of our church. He is married to Doreen, and their union produced four sons: Raoul, Andre, Mark and Theophilus.