That kind of stuff would be common in any big city with a

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Having a large amount of people using real estate as an investing tool doesn canada goose outlet in toronto have as large an effect as you think. That kind of stuff would be common in any big city with a canada goose jacket outlet uk very high demand for housing. Land value is being driven up by all kinds of factors, and there bound to canada goose victoria parka outlet be investors that want to capitalize on that by flipping canada goose outlet trillium parka black property. But they not driving the price up themselves by very much.

canadian goose jacket Also if people are finding ways to flip properties without paying capital gains tax on it, I like to know more about that. The law says you don pay capital gains tax on your property only if it your primary residence. I imagine there loopholes, but I canada goose outlet montreal don know how that works. You tell the canada goose outlet reviews CRA it your main house when it isn That be tax fraud. canadian goose jacket

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canada goose store If they knew how, they would have already. No action has been taken yet because company ownership of property is very important for real businesses, so government can strip that away. And canada goose outlet las vegas forcing the collection of capital gains tax without a canada goose coats uk bill of sale is rife with corruption issues and leaves the government very excused to prosecution (which they would undoubtedly lose). I no specialist in this field, but I don see an easy solution to this problem. Do you? canada goose store

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Nice canada goose vest outlet watch! The movement is actually a 1575. It may say 1570 on the bridge, but the canada goose outlet germany bridge was canada goose outlet phone number interchangeable with several different calibers, and Rolex didn canada goose clothing uk pay much attention to the numbers when they were slapping them together.

Canada Goose Outlet Definitely get it serviced, $375 CAD sounds like a deal, but where are you located? I know of a fantastic watchmaker in the Vancouver area. Don polish it, or swap the dial or hands. Canada Goose Outlet

canada goose coats on sale Is the bracelet stamped 7205 inside near the end links? If so, that the more desirable one, probably worth $1,300 CAD on its canada goose factory outlet toronto location own. I think the package together might be worth about $3,500 4,000 CAD. canada goose coats on sale

canada goose clearance Tell your mom it worth $20, and hand her a $20 bill. 😉 canada goose clearance

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Canada Goose Parka In some random conversation my Mom brought up that she had an old Rolex. She thought it was worth nothing, and it was sitting in canada goose outlet authentic a box for the last 2 decades at least. Being an amateur to the watch scene but not being a fool, my mind lights canada goose outlet seattle up with possibilities. I asked her to pull it out and promised to take it to a watch repair guy I trust to find some info. It had some deep scratches on the crystal which have been buffed out. Case has pretty normal wear, nothing out of the ordinary, and I was hoping that the insides would be in good condition. I was pleasantly surprised to see that once I put it on my wrist for a few minutes it started ticking like nothing was wrong! Canada Goose Parka

So I took it to the watch guy who buffed the crystal and opened up canada goose outlet belgium the back so I could get some more info on this guy. I spent about 45mins at his shop parsing his brain for info, and this is what I found:

canada goose clearance sale It a Rolex Date 1500, serial 1.782,423. Made in 1968. Movement caliber 1570, 26 jewels and 6 adjustments. Stainless steel, all original parts, and no wear marks on the screw heads so it has never been touched, much less serviced. Bracelet is 19mm and stamped for 1968 as well. He said it could use a servicing if I were to start wearing canada goose outlet sale it regularly, for which he charge $375 (Cad) which seemed canada goose outlet usa pretty reasonable. canada goose clearance sale

canada goose deals So now I curious about the value of the watch, as well as any other details y might know about this specific model or fun trivia pertaining to it. My watch guy estimated $2 2.5k for the watch itself, and another $2 2.5k for the bracelet because it apparently fits the canada goose outlet location Daytonas which have skyrocketed in value. It would canada goose outlet uk be nice to get a second opinion. But regardless of value, I gonna try my best to convince canada goose outlet us Mom not to sell because this watch will only appreciate in value. Hopefully she gives it to me instead. canada goose deals

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buy canada goose jacket cheap Constitutionally, healthcare is a provincial power and the criminal law is a federal power. canada goose outlet houston The only way the Federal government can regulate abortion is with the canada goose outlet uk sale criminal law. buy canada goose jacket cheap

We been there, done that, worn the tee shirt, and thrown the tee shirt in the trash because nobody likes it. I think its safe canada goose outlet toronto factory to say that using the criminal law power to regulate abortion at this point is politically impossible. There just something fundamentally frightening to too many people of the state criminalizing what many view as an excercise of canada goose outlet in usa a fundamental right of bodily autonomy. Maybe that autonomy could be curtailed, but I don think canada goose outlet store uk it can be with the canada goose outlet new york Criminal Code in this day and age. Mulroney tried and failed and our attitudes haven exactly changed in favour.

If this is in fact a problem then it is a problem for the provinces, not for a hypothetical future Conservative government.

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This is a terrible idea. The way to move Trump and the Republican Party on climate change canada goose outlet online is economic reasoning. Unaccounted social cost, market failure, and potential for green jobs. Health costs of coal, cost to fishermen of ocean acidification, cost to cities if water levels rise too high (looking at you Manhattan).

If we threaten or push them with economic levers, Trump will wipe his ass with Softwood Lumber Agreement 5, and screw us out of NAFTA too. They hold all the cards in this poker game, and if America tries to stop Canadian imports our economy will be down the gutter faster than shit through a goose. The only way is to reason with them.

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The only one of those issues that is climate alarmism is rising water levels. We have indisputable evidence that burning thermal coal for energy produces radioactive smog and acid rain. Plus all the other particulates that fuck up the lungs of anyone downwind from the plant. Medical studies have compared the health of people living near a coal plant vs. a control, and the coal plant produces a significant and substantial decrease in healthiness. That is, coal plants have a huge health burden. Metallurgical coal is a necessary evil because it the only way to make steel, but thermal canada goose outlet store quebec coal should be completely phased out. And “clean coal” plants are better than their predecessors, but still awful. Maybe phase out the dirtier plants first, but clean coal has gotta go too.

canada goose Same as ocean acidification. That has been definitively scientifically proven. The ocean is sucking up canada goose outlet carbon dioxide from the air and forming bicarbonate and carbonic acid. That increasing acidification is causing losses to species diversification in our ocean, and is reducing fish stocks for fishermen canada goose.

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