To do that, both a silent and vocal auction are planned, with

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This has been a question looming above the heads of many Christians and citizens of the world for many years. Recently with the falsely prophesied prediction by many Church and cult leaders, and events around the world, it has caused many people to get even more serious with this question. Besides Brittany Spears and other entertainers telling people to keep dancing until the world ends, many people are avoiding her advice and are watching and praying as Jesus advised.

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Part of the oral history of the Eastside

It’s political. But I feel like I’m here. I’m in the best situation possible. After a public referendum narrowly passed in June 1958, the mostly empty housing units in Chavez Ravine were razed for construction of Dodger Stadium in 1959, after the few remaining residents were hustled out. The stadium was completed in 1962. Part of the oral history of the Eastside, said Chris Zepeda Millan, a political science and Chicana/o Studies professor at Loyola Marymount University.

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He’s sharing the spotlight not only with rival outsized

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